Snowflake Bentley – by Jacqueline Briggs Martin


Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

A beautifully illustrated biography of Wilson Bentley,  an American farmer who was fascinated with snow and the intricate patterns which ice crystals formed.

My daughter and I enjoyed reading this gentle book.  Nice highlights of facts in the sidebars about scientific information make this text approachable and educational.  This  inspiring story is encouraging as it documents the life of someone with passion for seeing the beauty of the natural world and wanting to share his knowledge in a useful format.

Wilson Bentley had parents who sacrificed for their son. They used their hard earned savings from their farm to fund the purchase of a special camera to capture the unique formation of patterns expressed in snowflakes.  The stamina which Bentley portrays through enduring bitter cold is admirable.  He also strives to produce work which is of the highest quality- this tenacity and perseverance spotlight his attention to detail and the desire to pursue only the best samples of snow crystals- forcing him to cope with the unpredictable conditions of the changeable environment- needing to wait patiently for the perfect temperature and humidity condition to provide ice crystals which photographed clearly.

Highly recommend this lovely book which won the Caldecott Medal in 1999.


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