Unspoken – by Henry Cole

Unspoken- by Henry Cole

Unspoken- by Henry Cole

A story from the Underground Railroad- 

A wordless picture book written by Henry Cole in 2012 is hauntingly captivating. The gentle pencil drawings have a hushed quality which adds to the atmosphere of secrecy and implicit danger.

Simple graphite drawings convey a hushed tone of secrecy

Simple graphite drawings convey a hushed tone of secrecy.

Who's hiding in the cornfield?

Who’s hiding in the cornfield?

A young girl discovers someone hiding in her families simple barn- she covertly carries small parcels of food to sustain him.  She grapples with her decision to keep him hidden as soldiers search for him- flickering candle light, and stable lanterns illuminate the humble dwellings.  The book centers around the routine of farmyard chores which firmly establishes the book in the time of the American civil war.  The authors note at the end of the book adds an intriguing personal connection to the Virginia landscape.  Highly recommended.

Recipient of :

Publishers Weekly Best Children’s Books of 2012, Picture Books; SLJ Best Children’s Books 2012, Picture Books; ALSC 2013 Notable Children’s Books, Middle Readers; NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People 2013, History/Life & Culture in the Americas; 2013 Notable Children’s Books in the English Language Arts


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