The Imaginary by A. F. Harrold

The Imaginary

written by A. F. Harrold-  illustrated by Emily Gravett

published by Bloomsbury

Highly recommend this unusual book which explores the intriguing story of imaginary friends.  I have not read any similar books- so I found this quite riveting.


The illustrations are endearing-  and casually charming.

IMG_4698 (1)

The array of imaginary friends presented range from prissy young girls,  shy adolescent boys, a shaggy dog, and an eccentric cat.

IMG_4698 (1)

This book is important- because it reinforces the vital force of creativity and play which is essential to children’s well being and happiness.  The author asserts the role which imaginary friends can play in coping with difficult feelings.


IMG_4701This book has some dark and scary moments- so not for particularly sensitive or young children- better for 8 years old and above.

IMG_4699 (1)

Watch Emily Gravett illustrate the book on this youtube video here


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