September Reads (LONG)

Quick Rundown of books I’ve enjoyed this past month and also what I’m currently reading

Look to the North

Look to the North

by Jean Craighead George

published by Harper Collins in 1997

A Wolf Pup Diary

  • fact filled account of a wolf pack
  • follows a group of wolves from birth through their first year of life- documenting developmental milestones in an engaging manner
  • my 9 year old absolutely LOVED this book- perfect for your young naturalists, or science hungry non fiction fiends
The island of the skog

The island of the skog

by Steven Kellog

Published 1973 by Puffin Pied Piper

  • Animal Fantasy/Adventure story
  • A group of mice venture to an exotic island where they encounter a strange creature
  • this is a book parents will enjoy just as much as children
  • The Stray Dog

    The Stray Dog

    by Marc Simont

  • published by Harper Collins in 2001
  • Caldecott Honor Book

    Caldecott Honor Book

    Humorous picture book following a scrappy little dog who endears himself to a family who is having a picnic.  Children will be enchanted with the winsome ways of this scruffy little pet.

  • Glory


    written by Nancy White Calstrom and illustrated by Debra Reid Jenkins

  • published by Eerdman Books in 2001
  • ABSOLUTELY STUNNING picturebook/Hymn of joy
  • bursts of color fill this book with energetic praise of the amazing creations which fill this glorious planet
  • Glory be to God for fuzzy spots of worms and wrigglers, stripes and polka dots, the beetle’s dance, the spider’s poise, the lizard’s leap, all crickets’ joyous noise

This is a book to keep for your personal library- one that begs to be read and re read and enjoyed and passed down.

Our Animal Friends

Our Animal Friends

by Alice and Martin Provensen

published by Aladdin Paperbacks in 2001

  • Fabulous picture book documenting every day life on Maple Hill farm
  • This is another book for your library
  • You will want to savour this one- simple illustrations draw young readers attention narratives of the humorous ongoings of Muffin the dog alongside more scientific facts about farm life will appeal to first through third graders and even younger animal lovers
  • Warning-  this book did make me cry at the end-  Animal Loss/Grief
  • A picture Book  of Thomas Alva Edison

    A picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison

    by David A Adler illustrated by John and Alexandra Wallner

  • published by Holiday House in 1996
  • Picture Book Biography
  • I would be keen to read more in this series –
  • nice layout and good flow of language- appropriate for readers age 7 and above
Julius the Baby of the World

Julius the Baby of the World

by Kevin Henkes

published by Greenwillow books in 1990

  • sibling rivalry addressed with a tale of a mouse family
  • Lilly is apprehensive about her new baby brother and all the attention he receives
  • Perfect for families with expanding numbers
  •  lots of talking points
In the Small, Small Pond

In the Small, Small Pond

by Denise Fleming

published by Henry Holt and Company in 1993

Caldecott Honor Book

Caldecott Honor Book

  • this book begs to be read out loud- gorgeous language
  • perfect for wriggly toddlers-  they will want to pay attention to the bright illustrations
  • exuberant portrayal of tadpoles, dragonflys, and herons
  • Highly Recommended
This is Not my Hat

This is Not my Hat

by Jon Klassen

published by Candlewick in 2012

  • spare text follows an unlikely path of a hat and and an extraordinarily LARGE fish
  • funny
But Excuse ME that is my book

But Excuse ME that is my book

by Lauren Child

published by Dial Books in 2006

  • part of the Charlie and Lola series
  • nice book with sassy characters
  • chatty style with bright decoupage illustrations
  • story highlights the common issue of children being overly attached to ONE particular book
  • Nicely features libraries and the important role that they play
Uncommon Traveler

Uncommon Traveler

written and illustrated by Don Brown

published by Houghton Mifflin in 2000

  • Picture Book Biography following the exciting life of Mary Kingsley in Africa
  • Super Book for young girls- Mary Kingsley is a MIGHTY Girl
  • Adventures through the wild and dangerous continent of Africa- in an age when women often did not take such bold life choices
  • Encouraging-  she is a Courageous lady- who bathed with Hippos!
  • Highly Recommended
Out of my Mind

Out of my Mind

by Sharon M Draper

published by Athenaeum books in 2010

  • Excellent Realistic Fiction – following the challenges Melody a young American girl faces – she has Cerebral Palsy
  • This book made me laugh and cry
  • I have new insights into the difficulties faced by parents of disabled children
  • The author addresses the topic sensitively and I desperately wished that I could have the opportunity to meet the characters in this book.
  • Broaches the subject of bullying and discrimination-  challenges in education and the multiple facets of difficulties  families encounter with special needs children
  •  a MUST READ
The Nest

The Nest 

by Kenneth Oppel and illustrated by Jon Klassen

published by Simon and Schuster in 2015

  • this book freaked me out
  • very scary
  • I don’t often say this but I really wish I had not read this book


The 39 Clues

The 39 Clues

I’ve just started this series and I’m on book 2 by Gordon Korman- One False Note

published by Schoolastic in 2008

Thimble Summer

Thimble Summer

by Elizabeth Enright

published by square fish in 1938

Mr and Mrs Bunny : Detectives Extraordinary

Mr and Mrs Bunny : Detectives Extraordinary

translated from the rabbit by Polly Horvath and illustrated by Sophie Blackall

published by Random House in 2012

The Name of this Book is Secret

The Name of this Book is Secret

by Pseudonymous Bosch

Published by Little Brown and Company in 2007


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