The Adventures of Beekle by Dan Santat


The Adventures of Beekle

by Dan Santat

published by Little Brown and Company 2014

Winner of the Caldecott Medal

Caldecott medal

Caldecott medal

I adored this colourful cheerful picture book- it was a pleasure to read and I am VERY happy to recommend it to others.

Beekle is an irrepressible imaginary friend.

Dan Santat brilliantly portrays- this lively little creature in such an endearing way.  This book is humorous- the tagline is the unimaginary friend….

The birth of Beetle

The birth of Beetle

He was born on an island far away where imaginary friends were created.  Here, they lived and played, each eagerly waiting to be imagined by a real child.

awaiting their matches with "real" children

awaiting their matches with “real” children

Beekle gentle addresses the very real issues children face surrounding-  identity…in a way which kids will find approachable.  Dear Beekle struggles and waits patiently to find a family where he can be loved and accepted and known… ultimately issues most children (and adults) face daily.

He waited for many nights

He waited for many nights

The stunning illustrations – radiate creativity and warmth in an enthralling cosmopolitan futuristic urban environment.  As Beekle searches for his “forever” family – he journeys through strangely familiar scenes of subways with jostling people and shipyards full of boats.  During his adventures he must dig deep to find the resilience in himself to keep going even when he feels like giving up.  He struggles through situations which feel uncomfortable and strange…

The Real world was a strange place.  No kids were eating cake.  No one stopped to hear the music.  And everyone needed naptime.

I won’t spoil the book to let you in on what happens to Beekle- but be prepared for a HAPPY ending which might have you shedding a few tears.  Please make sure to read this book- it surely will become a modern classic with it’s timeless message of the blessing of special friendships and the uplifting portrayal of “family” love.




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