Quick Picks – Picture Books

The Sea of Sleep

The Sea of Sleep

The Sea of Sleep

by Warren Hanson with illustrations by Jim LaMarche

published by Schoolastic Press in 2010

  • adorable sea otters…..check out this book if you like me are a fan of mother/baby animal books…
  • beautiful illustrations
  • the text is so so…. but the pictures are WOW!




Minette’s Feast

The Delicious Story of Julia Child and Her Cat

by Susanna Reich  illustrated by Amy Bates

Published by Abrams Books for Young Readers in 2012


  • Charming Picture Book Biography of the beloved gastronome and cookbook writer Julia Child – following her life in Paris focusing on the adoring relationship between her and her pet cat- Minette
  • Pretty illustrations and delightful text make this story a breeze to read aloud
  • For any pet lovers- or francophiles- you will love this book
  • Detailed Notes and Glossary at the end of the book- reference all direct quotes directly back to actual writings and personal letters of Julia
  • Delightful


One chilly fall morning, Julia decided to test a new recipe.  Perhaps it would be even better than mouse.


They nibbled croissants in cafes where cats curled on chairs.

Tano & Binti

Two Chimpanzees Return to the Wild

by Andy and Linda DaVolls

published by Clarion Books in 1994


A factual account of two chimpanzees who were born at London Zoo in 1975 and had the amazing opportunity to return to Africa.  This book details the process of their reintroduction to the setting which should have been their natural environment-   it’s an interesting read and the authors admirably and engagingly present the text in a format which children will find interesting- focusing on what problems the young chimps faced surrounding their big move… how did they solve the problems they faced? what tools would they require to survive?

Recommended for ages 5-8

Sisters & Brothers

sibling relationships in the animal world

by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

published by Houghton Mifflin in 2008

  • Excellent- informational Non Fiction Picture Book
  • I loved this book and can’t wait to read more by this duo-  highly IMG_5548
  • super read aloud for ages 4 and up


  • explores the concept of multiple births and explains them in contexts children will understand


Wild Turkey brothers are lifelong companions.  One male bird, usually the largest, is the leader.  His brothers help him attract a female turkey by strutting and displaying their tail feathers.  They also help him chase away rival males.  Wild turkeys are not the same birds as the domestic turkeys found in supermarkets.  They are smaller, smarter, and faster than their farm- raised cousins.  A wild turkey mother lays ten to twelve eggs in the spring.  After they hatch, the young birds stay with their mother and siblings for a year.  The females leave to begin their own families, and the males begin their life as a band of brothers.


  • cleverly using the example of cichlids- where the mother fish looks after some biological unrelated young fish in her own mouth- the author puts this under the heading/topic of Step Sisters and Step Brothers-
  • very well done

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