November New Picks

Officer Buckle and Gloria

by Peggy Rathmann

published by Putnam Books for Young Readers in 1995

Winner of the Caldecott Medal in 1996

Caldecott medal

Caldecott medal


  • Endearing Picture Book- featuring a police officer and his sidekick- Gloria- the dog
  • Young Children will adore this funny story-  which includes lots of action and  silly antics of this dynamic duo
  • Parents will appreciate- the messages imparted regarding safety and value  the emphasis made on the importance of being part of a community.
  • Enjoy the author’s clever suggestion of using humor to connect with an audience


Imaginary Fred

by Eoin Colfer and Oliver Jeffers

published by Harper in September 2015


I expected more from this pair of talented author/illustrator’s…..  I found this disjointed and confusing. There seem to be many books(and movies)  about imaginary friends- this was one of them.   However- please enjoy the entertaining video clip highlight the creative process of one of the authors:

Picture Book Maker- Oliver Jeffers

Nobody Asked The Pea 

by John Waren Stewig and illustrated by Cornellius Van Wright

published by Holiday House in 2013


  • highly unusual retelling of the familiar fairy tale- the Princess and the Pea-
  • useful for teaching writing/ Point of View
  • Different Characters involvement is featured to show their perspective and move the plot along
  • For Ages 7-9

Bella’s Blessings

by Brenda Stokes and illustrated by  Trisha DesRosiers

published by Simply Read Books in 2012


  • Highly Recommend this very touching picture book
  • Grandma Beaver imparts special words of encouragement to Bella each year
  • Have a hankie ready- this book might make you shed a tear- gorgeous read aloud for family bedtimeIMG_5939

Bella slipped the stone into her blessing bag and then Grandma Beaver said, “Bella Beaver, I have been so blessed to watch you fulfill your blessings.  In return I shall bless you with kindness.  When someone is sad or feeling left out, may you reach out with a kind heart, kind words, and kind actions.”


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