Everything, Everything- Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything is published by Delacorte Press in 2015.

A brief review of Nicola Yoon’s debut young adult novel-  “Everything, Everything”  –  I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it to age appropriate readers.  There is content regarding sexual relationships and intense emotional attachment- so parents and teachers might not want younger readers to be exposed to this.  It also approaches sensitive subjects- regarding physical abuse and marital problems.   Not to mention- the highly emotive main topic of the book- which is the challenges faced by the main character Madeline. She  suffers from a rare condition- where she is highly allergic to most substances- forcing her to live in a “bubble”.


The author deftly portrays the intense trials and difficulties which Madeline faces to maintain her fragile health.  Being a teenager and having very little contact with the outside world makes Madeline long for the life of a “normal” teen – to enjoy the pleasures of walking outdoors, going swimming, and being able to have a boyfriend and plan a future…

Ms. Yoon gives a sensitive depiction of the extreme challenges faced by Madeline’s care givers – her mother, and her nurse, Carla.  While these women desire Madeline to live life fully,  they must balance that with the risks inherit with her physical condition.  Consequently they worry about every activity that she does…hence leaving her very restricted in what she can actually do and extremely limited in her home environment. This leads to feelings of severe claustrophobia and isolation.

Highly enjoyable- I read this book very quickly- as I could not put it down. I also have a feeling this book will be winning some awards. It is newly published,  so does not have any so far….but just wait…. My prediction is in.


Advanced acclaim for the book includes:



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