My teacher is a Monster! – Review


My Teacher is a Monster! (No, I am not.) 

by Peter Brown

published by Macmillan Children’s Books 2014

Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2014, Picture Books;
PW’s Best Books of 2014, Picture Books;
ALA Notable Books for Children 2015, Younger ReadersIMG_6345
  • This book is full of fun- and just right for primary school children who can’t get their head’s round the idea that their teacher’s lead normal social lives….
  • very funny
  • Bobby happens to run into his teacher in an unsuspected setting- and ends up finding she might not be as “beastly” as he once believedIMG_6346IMG_6347



Magical Nightime Fantasy Picture Books


When the Moon Forgot

by Jimmy Liao

English text adapted by Sarah L. Thomson

published by Little, Brown and Company in 2009


I’m a huge Jimmy Liao fan- absolutely wonderful- talented children’s book illustrator- please see my earlier review of his book-  The Blue Stone

  • Enchanting fantasy- following a little boy(who likes to dress up in a cat costume) and a magical tale about the moon
  • illustrations are tops!IMG_6349
  • the boy and the moon take a mystical journey together- full of adventure and intrigue



The boy shows the moon his secret hideout.  It smells of rust and roses.

When the boy talks to his father, who is far away, he tells him: “I have a real moon.  I want him to stay with me forever.”

Dad answers, “Be a good boy.  Do what Mom says.”

  • this exchange makes me laugh- as a parent who is guilty of occasionally tuning out to what my child says and absent mindedly agreeing or disagreeing …. without really taking note of what my dear daughter might be sharing with me….

The Insomniacs

by  Karina Wolf and The Brothers Hilts

published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons in 2012


  • unusual concept for a picture book-  a family who decides to convert their activities and routines to coincide with their preferred sleeping schedule-  allowing them to sleep all day and stay up ALL night long
  • dark night time spooky illustrations- perfectly match the text and fantastical plot


“Let’s have a family huddle.” said Mother. And they puzzled over their shut-eye trouble.

“Who rests the longest and the best?” said Mrs. Insomniac. ” I wonder if our neighbors have better luck with bedtime.”

  • I must admit that I was drawn to this book because of it’s title-  I, myself suffer from struggling to sleep well-  often waking and feeling restless –  I was intrigued to find out what a children’s picture book could share on the topic of Insomnia-

Orion and the Dark

by Emma Yarlett

published by templar books in 2014


  • superb picture book- HIGHLY recommended
  • by the author who wrote : the caldecott award winning The Adventures of Beekle
  • Perfect book for any child who has trouble falling asleep and worries what noises might be in a dark room

what could those “scary” noises be?



Orion struggles with his fear of the dark


  • comforting and friendly in tone- this book will reassure a fearful child




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