Peace is an Offering

Peace is an Offering 

Words by Annette LeBox and pictures by Stephanie Graegin

published by Dial Books in 2015IMG_6249

This is one of my most favorite picture books I have read this year.  I am delighted to share it and will be buying copies of this book to send as Christmas gifts- it’s a special treasure!


The gentle and child friendly illustrations match perfectly with the simple and reassuring text.

Peace is an offering.

A muffin or a peach.

A birthday invitation.

A trip to the beach.


This book is one you will love to read with your little one cuddled on your lap-  this is a comforting book which calms fears and instills bravery.



Peace is a joining, not a pulling apart.

It’s the courage to bear a wounded heart.

A Few other picture book recommendations

One World 

by Michael Foreman

published by Andersen Press in 2011


  • This book will appeal to young environmentalists.
  • highlights the fragile eco systems of our planet
  • Encouraging for children to realise that they can make a difference by making small changes to reduce, reuse and recycleIMG_6245

Waiting for the Owl’s Call

by Gloria Whelan and Pascal Milelli

part of the Tales of the World from Sleeping Bear Press – published in 2009


This book focuses on the serious issue of child labour in the country of Afghanistan.  Eight year old Zulviya, her sister, and  her cousin,  are made to work by hand weaving large and intricate rugs.  This is difficult work , and prevents her from being able to go to school,  and having time to play like other children do.


An interesting book to explore a far away place. Ideal book for country study.  Children can also follow up by checking this website to find out more about a charity which helps to provide educational opportunities for women and girls who become locked into the difficult conditions in rug factories here

My Name is Blessing

written by Eric Walters and illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes

published by Tundra Books in 2013


This is exactly the type of book I get so excited to share- because it is a wonderful story written about a REAL boy!  This is a story of kindness and love and community and I LOVE it.


This is Baraka

I don’t want to spoil this uplifting story – please do take the time to check it out in your library or order a copy in your local book store.  This book is set in Kenya and is sure to make you smile.




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