The Peace Tree from Hiroshima

IMG_6396The Peace Tree from Hiroshima : The Little Bonsai with a Big Story

by Sandra Moore and illustrations by Kazumi Wilds

published by Tuttle in 2015

**Winner of the 2015 Silver Evergreen Medal for World Peace**
  • Historical Picture Book with a narrative feature- focusing on a beloved Bonsai Tree from Hiroshima- Japan
  • Excellent glossary included to increase vocabulary relating to Japanese culture, and botanical terms
  • This is a highly readable, interesting account of a dedicated man-  Mr Masaru Yamaki- and his superb bonsai tree which he nicknames- “Miyajima”  – this book is part picture book biography and part historical fiction – very unique
  • Although the book touches on the events which occurred including the bombings- the focus of the text is upon the efforts of the United States and Japan to forge bonds of peace and reconciliation
  • Parents take note- there are images of destruction and reference to atomic bombs




More Recommendations :

Stella’s Starliner

by Rosemary Wells

published by Candlewick Press in 2014


  • Fantastic Picture Book which sensitively portrays issues regarding poverty and children’s self worth
  • A fox family live in a trailer home- young Stella is happy and content with their simple life- however when she faces unkind comments from her peers she begins to feel ashamed about her simple home
  • Stella is resilient and with the help of her mother’s thoughtful words she develops a strategy to overcome the hurtful exchanges
  • Recommended!IMG_6400IMG_6401

Where the Sunrise Begins

words by Douglas Wood  and with art by  Wendy  Popp

published by Simon and Schuster in 2010


  • Stunning Picture Book- with beautiful poetic text-  examining the question which inquisitive toddlers love to ask- where does the sunrise begin?
  • Scenes from around the world- depict daybreak in all it’s gloriousness of gauzy light and sleepy morning activities
  • This book is enchantingIMG_6403IMG_6404

The world is always turning, turning toward the dawn.  And although nights can be dark and long, each day brings a brand new sunrise.

But where does the sunrise begin?


Baby Brains Superstar

by Simon James

published by Candlewick Press in 2005


  • This humorous series of Picture Books follows a very talented baby who becomes a Rock Star- although because he’s just a baby –  he retires early….
  • This book will bring a few giggles and is quite amusing for parents who tend to think their children are extraordinarily talented!  IMG_6409IMG_6410

Zen Socks

By Jon J. Muth

published by Scholastic Press in 2015


  • Three Short stories- looped together – I love this collection because of the wonderful watercolor illustrations- featuring an adorable Panda  named Stillwater, who rides a  bicycle(how fabulous!)



  • Stillwater has a bit of an annoying and preachy tone….I was not too keen on the stories

What does the Fox say?


illustrated by Svein Nyhus

published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers in 2013

based on the youtube sensation Here


This is a VERY silly book- but the illustrations are fun to look at, and if like myself you have marveled at the humorous Norwegian song – which has stormed our school playground- do check out this amusing book.


Audiobook Recommendation


My nine year old and I HIGHLY recommend the fantastically entertaining audiobook version of Roald Dahl’s childhood autobiography Boy – Tales of Childhood

Contains scenes of physical abuse and some coarser language….parents be warned-  also graphic accounts of accidents and childhood illnesses(including the death of sibling and parent)

We laughed out loud,  and did not want this to end.


Final Recommendation- Read Now:

Christmas Stories

by Michael Morpugo

published by Egmont in 2012


My highest recommendation goes to this WONDERFUL compilation of 4 delightful Christmas Stories-



“The Goose is Getting Fat” – a story about a Christmas goose who is raised as a pet.


“The Best of Times”  a story about a beautiful but unhappy Princess and her adoring husband and the lengths he goes to make his wife smile


“The Best Christmas Present in the World” – a fictionalized account of the Christmas Day armistice in Germany-  written for children- a tale of brotherhood and peace during a difficult war- a story of reconciliation and friendship


And my favorite of the four-  “On Angel Wings” – a beautiful version of the Nativity Story-  from the novel perspective of a young shepherd boy- this is one of my NEW all time favorites and I am very finicky about Christmas Stories- and love many – but this one is EXTRA special.



*Coming Soon-   More CHRISTMAS Book recommendations- What to read to your kids to celebrate the Advent period















  1. SAys! Happy Mums · January 20, 2016

    There is another title which you might like to explore. Judith Loske – Sadako’s Cranes. Its abt Sadako being a victim of Hiroshima bomb and how she hopes to recover. It talks about life and death too.

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