Eye to Eye – How Animals See the World by Steve Jenkins

Eye to Eye-      How Animals See the World

by Steve Jenkins

published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2014


  • Fabulous non-fiction Information Picture Book
  • Perfect for your nature loving kids – packed with fascinating facts
  • Detailed illustrations provide up close perspective on many unusual animals-  focusing on the wide variety of types of eyes different creatures have
  • Winner of the Orbis Pictus Award- by the National Council of Teachers of Englishimgres




  • Did you know that a Tarsier has the largest eyes relative to the size of it’s body compared to any other mammal-  and that their huge eyes are necessary to help them with their night hunting



More Recommendations:

Picture Books

The King of Capri 

by Jeanette Winterson  and illustrated by Jane Ray

published by Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books 2003


  • Charming Fantasy Picture Book- a delightful fairy tale
  • Beautiful illustrations accompany this fanciful story about a selfish and greedy King who is humbled and must change his ways
  • Superb read aloud- will be enjoyed by children age 5 and aboveIMG_6455



Amazing Grace

by Mary Hoffman and Caroline Binch

published by  Frances Lincoln Children’s Books in 1991

I read this book for the first time after having it on my TO READ list for ages… what a special treat- it is wonderful – I really loved it. Even though this book was published about 25 years ago- it still feels fresh and contemporary. Most importantly- it’s message of kindness and compassion is still relevant for our children today.


Grace is a wonderful example of the type of girl I would like my daughter to be- she is creative, bold and kind.  Grace loves to perform and makes the most of opportunities to dress up and “become” some of her favorite characters from works of classic literature.  She involves her mom and grandmother, and puts on shows with home made props and costumes.IMG_6448

Grace must cope with gender and racial stereotypes. But she is not swayed and  she stands firm- with the support of her family.  There is a very happy and triumphant ending.

This book reinforces the importance of speaking into our girl’s lives and the importance of reminding them that they can truly do anything that they set their minds to…  Inspiring

HIGHLY recommended.


The sequel is:

Grace at Christmas

written by Mary Hoffman  illustrated by Cornelius van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu

published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books in 2011


  • Enjoyable Realistic Fiction Picture Book- perfect for girls who like to perform ages 6-10
  • A touching Christmas story featuring the lovable character of Grace- who has a surprise visit from a relative who is a “real” ballerina
  • This book is full of the excitement of Christmas.
  • The admiration of a little girl looking up to a talented role model-   is heartwarming- this is a feel good book!


Middle Grade-  Fiction

The Sisters 8 Book 1- Annie’s Adventures

by Lauren Baratz-Logsted with Greg Logsted and Jackie Logsted

published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2008


This middle grade chapter book was really exciting.  I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.  The books are written not by one author, but  by a whole family –  Jackie (wrote this book when she was 8 years old) along with her mom (Lauren) and her dad (Greg).

8 year old octuplet sisters- wake up to find that their parents have mysteriously disappeared- they find a written note which tells them they must find their  hidden gifts and powers.  The book humorously recounts how the resourceful girls work together to keep their nosy neighbours from finding out that they have been abandoned “home alone” style.   A very fast read- very enjoyable- light reading- perfect for an afternoon with a mug of hot chocolate – 5 STARS


You can check out the interactive website about the series here


Coming in the Next Blog Post- Christmas Reading Recommendations- WHAT to read with your kids





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