Christmas Edition- Picture Books

IMG_6464Recommended Picture Book to Celebrate the Holiday Season of Christmas

Silver Packages   An Appalachian Christmas Story

by Cynthia Rylant paintings by Chris K. Soentpiet

published by Orchard Books in 1987

This is a beautiful fictionalised account based on historical events-  there is something which is so compelling and special about Christmas stories which are TRUE stories…. call me a romantic- but my heart melts when I read one.

This wonderful story recounts the beneficial cycle of giving-  one person shares kindness- the receiver is grateful and then passes on the kindness…what’s not to like about this whole notion of passing it on…It’s a good thing.


After a violent automobile accident- a wealthy American gentleman was taken into the home of strangers where he was kindly looked after and nursed back to health.  The simple family refused any type of payment for their warm hearted caring deeds-  as a gesture of his immense gratitude- the prosperous man commandeered a steam train to take a large amount of parcels to the poor families who lived in the Appalachian mountains.  He happily distributed silver wrapped parcels to children who excitedly waited each year for the arrival of the train.

However, this is not the end of the story- the beauty of this book is about the story within the story-  a tale about a young boy who badly wishes for a certain gift for Christmas.  Each year he receives a gift.  Each year he does not receive the gift he longed for.  How this young boy grapples with this – is the fascinating part of this tale.





Read this story with your little ones – or read it for yourself- it is a beauty.


More Books for Christmas – COMING SOON



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