Christmas Picture Books- Part 1

There are so many lovely Christmas Picture Books to share…this post will be divided into several sections-  Hope you enjoy these recommendations

What the Shepherd Saw 

by Selma Lagerlof and Maja Dusikova

published by North/South in 2014


A beautifully illustrated tale – of transformation.  The nativity story-  told from the perspective of a shepherd.

“A cruel and hardhearted man” –  has an incredible experience when he encounters  an unusual man on a cold winters evening (It happens to be Joseph).

Just as soon as he showed, that he, too, could be merciful, his eyes were opened, and he saw what he had not been able to see before and heard what he could not have heard before.



  • A miraculous change happens-  the man’s heart is transformed

Appropriate for children age 6-9 as a read aloud.


Christmas Tapestry

by Patricia Polacco

published by Philomel Books in 2002


Amazing book based on accounts taken from actual events.


A family who is involved in Christian Ministry- moves to a new neighborhood and are given the task of renovating and revitalising a small church.  The family works hard to repair the rundown building- cleaning, fixing, and repairing the simple building.  They face an unexpected challenge – of a severe leak and are left with an unsightly hole just as their most important services of the year approach.


An incredible twist of events occurs involving the local community- this is a story of enduring love and is a true- Christmas Miracle-   You will treasure this lovely picture book and never forget this tale.


Written by Eve Bunting  and illustrated by David Diaz

published by Harcourt Brace & Company in 1997


My mother and I live in a house we made ourselves.  There’s black printing on the walls and floor:

Drink Coca-Cola

Handle with Care


We have a baby food baby on the roof.  Our house is small. There’s just room for us and what we have.  But tonight is Christmas Eve, so we have more.


  • Prolific gifted author Eve Bunting- writes a memorable story- full of the gritty reality of poverty-
  • A challenging encounter occurs- will the young homeless boy and his mother share generously with a strange woman who asks to shelter for the evening in their ramshackle home?IMG_6605
  • A stark contrast from the glittering scenes which fill Orchard Road- of sparkling lights and affluent shoppers-  a simple nativity scene cobbled together from a shiny spoon, and a plastic army man toy decorate the temporary dwelling the impoverished family must inhabit –  this story presents a challenge for today’s reader-  how generous can one be?
  • Superbly illustrated
  • Parents- this book does cover the topic of homelessness and poverty- be prepared to have a conversation with your little ones about the difficulties which are faced by people who have no fixed address

Star Bright A Christmas Story

by Alison McGhee and Peter H. Reynolds

published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers in 2014


  • Super cute children’s picture book-  exploring the perennial question-  what gift might be appropriate for the new baby?  What gift could be fitting for the King of Kings?


  • A small angel-  wracks her brains for the perfect gift solution- and comes up with an ingenious idea
  • Simple text and adorable  illustrations makes this book perfect for reading  aloud to young children

Santa’s Favorite Story

by Hisako Aoki and Ivan Gantschev

published by Scholastic in 1991


  • Highly unusual picture book-  Santa Claus is awoken by a friendly fox- who is surprised to see him before Christmas
  • Santa had been doing some exercise in the forest- training to get fit for the long journey he must undertake – he accidentally fell asleep under a tree
  • Father Christmas- shares the story of the First Christmas with a host of woodland creatures




 “And that is what happened in Bethelehem when the Christ child came.  It’s my favorite story because it reminds me why we are so happy at this time of year.  Love was the gift God gave to us on the first Christmas, and it still is, you know.  And this love is far better than any presents I can ever deliver.”


Please watch out for Part 2 Coming soon-  More Recommended Books for Christmas

More recommendations can be found in this earlier post on my blog




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