The Polar Express

The Polar Express

Written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg

published by Houghton Mifflin Company in 1985


Caldecott Medal winner


Caldecott medal

  • A magical Christmas Story-  a modern Christmas Classic and acclaimed to prestigious top 100 list of recommended Picture Books- young children should read  by the School Library Journal
  • Van Allsburg captures the joyous expectation and wonder of a young boy who is taken on an enchanting journey to the North Pole who gets to visit Santa and his elves
  • This beautiful book has been  adapted to a stop motion film featuring Tom Hanks in the role of the Train Conductor in 2004

steaming urn of hot chocolate served on the polar express

  • Hot Chocolate  on youtube –  enjoy the musical version of this uplifting occasion-  serving scrumptious cocoaIMG_7310

I knew that I could have any gift I could imagine.  But the thing I wanted most for Christmas was not inside Santa’s giant bag.  What I wanted more than anything was one silver bell from Santa’s sleigh.  When I asked, Santa smiled.  Then he gave me a hug and told an elf to cut a bell from a reindeer’s harness.  The elf tossed it up to Santa.  he stood, holding the bell high above him, and called out,  “The first gift of Christmas!”

This touching story portrays a young boy who goes on an exciting train ride to the North Pole on the Polar Express – While there he  is hand picked by Santa Claus to receive the first gift of Christmas- a real honor-  I love the theme of keeping Christmas in your heart…and looking at it through the expectant and joyful eyes of a child

The Snowman

by Raymond Briggs

published by Random House in 1978


This is an irrepressibly joyful book- perfect to be shared at Christmas- although not strictly about Christmas at all….It’s a LOVELY read and a wordless picture book I think most children will enjoy.  Do yourself a favour and check this book out quickly!


This book was made into an animated feature for Channel 4 in the UK with the accompaniment of the the hauntingly beautiful “I’m Walking in the Air” sung by Aled Jones watch here


The Snowman and the boy have so much fun together- they even go on a magical journey in the sky


The ending is a bit sad…..

Super Quick Just wanted to share details of 4 more books- which I recommend for reading at Christmas:

IMG_7316The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey 

written by Susan Wojciechowski  and illustrated by P.J. Lynch

published by Candlewick Press in 1995

Highly Recommended this tale of how the gloomiest of hearts can be changed ….it is a beautiful miracle to watch the warmth of the relationship grow so organically.

A Cowboy Christmas 

The Miracle at Lone Pine Ridge

By Audrey Wood and Paintings by Robert Florczak

Published by Simon and Schuster in 2001


My happiest Recommendation- a frontier love Story!  Gorgeous

The Wild Christmas Reindeer 

By Jan Brett

published by Scholastic Inc in 1990


And last but not least!


Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve?

Written and illustrated by  Jan Brett

Published by G. P . Putnams in 2002IMG_7319 (1)


I hope you have enjoyed these Christmas Book posts as much as I have!  Please keep up with the blog as I’m very excited to share my  new finds with you.



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