Stories of Courage- Malala and Iqbal


Two amazing stories in One book….

Iqbal  A Brave Boy from Pakistan and Malala  a Brave Girl from Pakistan

By Jeanette Winter

Published by Beach Lane Books in 2014

These two side by side stories beautifully compliment one another and are the amazing true life stories of two children who have faced incredible challenges…


Iqbal Masih-lived a tragically short life (1982-1995) but had huge impact through his courageous deeds.   Born into Poverty –  he was forced to work in a carpet factory to pay off his parents debts.  He earned only twenty cents a day…. Through his tenacity and perseverance he was able to educate himself to a standard where he was able to speak out against his unfair conditions.  He was liberated from bondage at the age of 10 and helped to secure freedom for many more children.


Iqbal reading of an order banning children from being bonded labourers

Iqbal was hoping to study law so that he could continue to help others.  He received a full scholarship to study at Brandeis University-  he was tragically shot and killed after receiving death threats.


being a brave child activist

The story of Malala Yousafzai is perhaps better known as many will have seen in the media because of her outstanding work for children –  She is the youngest ever Nobel Prize Laureate  among many other honors.


If you would like to see Malala and hear her interviewed in person-  please check out her inspiring interview on the Ellen Show- Here


She is truly an inspirational girl who has done and will do amazing things… I’m so excited to watch how she will change the world with her courageous message.

Should you wish to learn more about the Nobel Prize and learn about the history of the term Laureate you may wish to check out this fantastic new book- b361e1_4ae93db450584742b67d15bf62978f68

You can check out Scott and Witty Wikky Here




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