Rainy Day fun- Book Review

It isn’t often that I get really excited to do Art Projects at home…but this book really sparked my interest- and made me want to get out the markers and glue…. and maybe even break open the glitterIMG_7965 (1)









Get Into Art Places Discover Great Art and Create Your Own!

by Susie Brooks

published by Kingfisher in 2014


I absolutely loved this book and found it so inspiring.  Highly recommended- especially for these Rainy Days!


I love the step by step directions- and novel ideas for projects-  In a clever and inviting way the Author has beautifully laid out  Original Art works with a blurb about the Artist and the Piece and then inside a fold out flap she details a step by step- HOW To…

Bedroom in Arles- by Vincent Van Gogh


Check out the Van Gogh- Bedroom Project-   I think this looks like so much fun. This is based on his painting “Bedroom in Arles”

Kids can get creative- and I love the way she suggests adding texture to the different objects in the room by working with the paint while it’s wet to a design… Nice effect.


Castle and Sun- by Paul Klee



Castle and Sun by Paul Klee

There were so many projects – It was hard to pick one I liked the most.  The Klee project would appeal to many ages and stages of children.  It uses his painting, ” Castle and Sun” as a model for a creative piece using shapes which are then glued together over a pencil drawing.


Informational Blurb about Paul Klee

Ideal for Homeschoolers or Play Groups…this could be a fun project to use for a unit study on Architecture, Romans, or even on Geometry.


Simple Instructions- Make these projects approachable

If like me you are slightly scared of using Glitter because of the fear of all the mess….


You can check out this extremely helpful post on How to Handle a Glitter Mess




  1. Patricia Tilton · January 26, 2016

    Great books to inspire creative juices in both kids and adults.


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