Award Winning Picture Books- and Why I love them


Finding Winnie  The True story of the World’s Most Famous Bear

by Lindsay Mattick and Illustrated by Sophie Blackall

Published by Little Brown and Company in 2015

Winner of the Caldecott Medal (2016)


The Story: The true life story of the real life bear who famously was featured alongside Christopher Robbin in A.A. Milne’s classic Winnie the Pooh


The story follows the veterinarian Harry Colebourn and the baby bear he rescued, and named Winnie- after Winnipeg. Winnie- had to be housed at the London Zoo while Harry went to fight at the front line during World War I.

Check out the author- Lindsay Mattick- who wrote this book for her son-  she shares on this video segment about her inspiration to write this wonderful story HERE


Why I loved this book: 

Wonderful illustrations- and the cozy warm feeling of a bedtime story- with the inspiring quality of featuring REAL people with rich historical details… LOVED this book so much.



A Fine Dessert  Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat

written  by Emily Jenkins & Sophie Blackall

published by Schwartz & Wade Books in 2015



This book has been mired in controversy…which you can read about Here

Same illustrator as the above Finding Winnie–  it was a contender for some of the larger literary awards.

The Story: 

Following the four different families and their preparations of the SAME dessert- while showcasing the improvements in technology and family dynamics over time- with gorgeous illustrations in a fun and friendly manner.


Blackberry Fool- a yummy concoction of berries and whipped cream


Why I enjoyed this book:

I adore cooking- and especially love taking the time to cook with and for my family.  I can barely think of something I enjoy more (apart from a lazy afternoon at the library or reading together on holiday).  I loved the beautiful essence of family life- which suffused this entire book.



Food for me is something to enjoy- It makes me sad that so many people today don’t take time to cook with their children and enjoy home made family treats…. I think a lot of problems with childhood obesity might be stemmed if their were more incentives and support for encouraging families to eat regularly together. And it’s ok to indulge in dessert- especially if it’s homemade! (That’s just my opinion)



More Reviews- Coming Soon.



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