Review- Book Scavenger

Book Scavenger 

by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

published by Henry Holt and Company 2015

Interactive Book Website HERE

This is a thrilling Book adventure story- a very quick read which will appeal to 4-8th Graders! Perfect for kids who like to solve puzzles-  think Crosswords, Treasure Hunts and Sudoko – rolled up into a mystery involving criminal activity and dusty old book shops in atmospheric modern day San Francisco.



Featuring a fast paced search to find a mysterious,  special first edition of an Edgar Allan Poe manuscript-   this book will appeal to young readers and their parents- a superb read aloud chapter book-  with satisfying and believable family dynamics,  including a brother and sister- struggling to cope with their parents transient lifestyle- which has forced them to move home several times- leaving the siblings feeling detached from their community.

This adventurous tale may make you wish to seek out similar books- and develop your appetite for reading:  Can I suggest a few others you might enjoy:



Fish in a Tree


The War that Saved my Life


Chasing Secrets


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