Boy- Roald Dahl (Review)

“When writing about oneself, one must strive to be truthful. Truth is more important than modesty.” Roald Dahl – Boy- tales of childhood

This wonderful collection of sketches from Dahl’s early years growing up in Wales and whilst he was in boarding school in England will have you roaring with laughter.IMG_2292

It is achingly funny and heartwarmingly endearing. Be prepared to encounter the inspiration for many characters you will remember from other Dahl classics – such as the beastly Mrs. Pratchett who dominates a sweet shop with evil intent- she bears an uncanny resemblance to sinister Dahl villains from Matilda and from the Twits.



photo from Alex Foster Illustrations


Master storyteller Roald Dahl keeps young readers full attention as he speeds from one family holiday disaster to a story featuring a gruesome tonsillectomy. Some chapters are not for the faint hearted….some minor swear words used but overall perfectly acceptable for middle-grade readers from the age of 9 and above. This book would be a fantastic summer read aloud the whole family could enjoy and Super choice for a genre challenge fulfilling an autobiography/memoir selection.




My own Photo taken in Hong Kong



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