May B (Book Review)

“So many things

I know about myself

I’ve learned from others.

Without someone else to listen,

to judge,

to tell me what to do,

and choose

who I am,

do I get to decide for myself?”

Caroline Starr Rose, May B.



Intriguing MG (Middle Grade) verse novel – written about a young girl’s quest for survival in the American wilderness.  I gobbled this book up in one sitting.  It was completely absorbing.




Growing up- I loved reading Laura Ingalls Wilder and adored the whole Little House series.  This novel took me back to my memories of frontier life.  Caroline Starr Rose- has a beautiful writing style which will appeal to many readers.  As a teacher- Ms. Rose- imparts a deep knowledge of the challenging struggles of learning how to read whilst coping with Dyslexia.  The heroine and title namesake Mavis(also known as May) must overcome her circumstances and find a way to cope with the small amount of resources she has. This is a story of triumph and overcoming.  


Parents-  a word of warning that there are some scenes which portray an accidental death which may be upsetting to sensitive younger readers.  Overall- I would highly recommend this book- especially because of the rich historical details which absorb the reader into the bleak landscape of life in a sod house on the prairie of the midwest during a cold and snowy winter.  Excellent book notes by the author provide original source material and extra readings to further an in-depthIMG_2890 knowledge of the period.


Get swept up into this book and enjoy a respite from the summer heat with this gripping, rich wintery tale.


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