Where My Wellies Take Me(Book Review)

“I speak of a valley.
I call at morning
the roll of its farms
till cocks reply.
From the cobbled yards
they cry and eastwards
the first leaf stirs
in a hush of doves.

I speak of a river.
I herd the fleece bright
flock of its springs
till driven streams
are loud in the fold
I lead its waters
to praise among pastures
their hartstongue home.

I speak of a childhood.
I lay a nightlong
Fable of sleep
till morning sang
In the green of the light
between leaf and language
a birth of ballad
a bird alone.

Ballad and childhood
and psalm and river
in the cup of my hands
I priest its praise;
I speak of a valley
and shall for ever
out of my numbered days.”

Sean Rafferty

“Where my Wellies Take Me….” by Clare and Michael Morpurgo is an enchanting collage of wonderful poetry combined with stunning watercolour illustrations….


The most lovely book and one you will absolutely want to have as part of your children’s Library. A MUST read for Anglophiles, poetry lovers (Ted Hughes, Christina Rossetti, William Blake to name a few) and for budding naturalists. Beg, Borrow or Steal to get your hands on a copy of this. Reminiscent of The Year at Maple Hill Farm by Alice Provensen- an ideal companion for homeschoolers or un schooler’s or those who would like to add a bit of structure to their kid’s summer learning.



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